Spirit Gear Sale -TBA

After In-Person learning resumes, the PTO will stock up on Meadow View gear for the kids or family and notify you of the details regarding the next sales dates! This year we will be taking orders for t-shirt and sweatshirts from a flyer to be distributed, and may be able to offer an option for online purchases. You may be able to choose to have the shirts shipped to your house or wait until the group order arrives at the school. The order form will remain open until Friday, (TBA), and shirts will typically arrive within two weeks of the closing date. We typically must order a minimum of 350 items to close the sale.


Tentative prices (subject to change):  T-shirts are $6, v-neck shirts are $7, long sleeve shirts are $10, and sweatshirts are $18.85.

There are a variety of sizes ranging from youth XS - Adult 5XL.  


Visit _____________ to get your order placed today!

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