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Spirit Gear Sale - Orders Available Next Year

The PTO anticipates taking orders again sometime next Fall 2023 for spirit gear.  There will be forms available from the PTO website, or look for printed forms to come home.  Note some teachers send information via Parent Square, or email or other forms of communications. You can also email the PTO for more information.


You can send questions to:


Note that the photos are approximate examples, and colors

may be slightly different due to the manufacturer.  The two

color choices for most items are Royal Blue or Irish Green.

Click here to see the original October 2022 order form!

Note:  The PTO ordered additional quantities of some items,

so if you missed the 2022 order deadline, please contact the PTO

about purchasing an item.  You can also inquire at the school office

for items to purchase and staff can assist you.  There are also

some prior year's inventory available at slightly reduced prices. 

There are limited styles and sizes available.

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